Judith Hurwitz: Lotus – the next generation

I posted about another one of Judith’s blog entries yesterday over at the Connections Blog.  Judith Hurwitz is a new name to me, but was obviously at Lotusphere this year, and has a good reputation as an infrastructure and enterprise software industry analyst and strategy consultant.  I will definitely be adding her blog to my feedreader…

In this post, her wrap-up of the Lotusphere OGS, she summarises the Lotus brand’s position as:

Lotus continuing its dramatic transformation to a true collaborate ecosystem. Much of the transition is taking place behind the scenes.

IBM has the opportunity to leverage its enterprise focused assets as its moves down and across customer virtual ecosystems. How about security offerings or management software modularized as a set of business services that can be added to a basic application as needs mature. The potential for IBM to leverage everything from its extensive work in service oriented architectures to its knowledge based on working with customers on innovation and people management are quite fascinating. It is indeed early but I think the signs of something significant is emerging here. IBM would be wise to follow its instincts and move boldly into this new generation and really emerge.

I tend to agree – with further convergence between the products that Lotus has now and the work being done in the rest of IBM’s Software Group (SOA etc,) there is a really interesting proposition for customers…

Judith Hurwitz: Lotus – the next generation

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