Symphony Beta 4 has arrived!

Image:Symphony Beta 4 has arrived!

This is great news, the latest release of Lotus Symphony is now available for download:

Image:Symphony Beta 4 has arrived!

The Beta 4 release adds many functions requested by the community including the ability to add new pages from an existing presentation into your current one. We’ve had great early feedback on the continued progress we have been making as well as the speed in which we are delivering the new functions.

Beta 4 is also our Developers Release. With this release we are making available a new developers toolkit, dedicated developers page on our website and a support forum for developers. All of this will enable developers to add functions to Symphony and include Symphony in their solutions. We’ve opened up the inherent capability in Symphony to add Eclipse based plugins that can either add standalone function or combined with the newly available API calls create new solutions.

IBM will be providing plugins on our new plugins page on this website. Today we’re making available an Eclipse plugin that allows you to enter a support forum post while working in one of the editors. The plugin allows you to capture your thoughts in real time and post a cool new idea you had while you were using Lotus Symphony without leaving the Lotus Symphony application.

We’re also going to allow 3rd parties who have created plugins or solutions for Lotus Symphony to post information about them on the plugins page. You’ll be able to see a description of the solution and find out how to get the plugin or more detail directly from the 3rd party.

Get the new Lotus Symphony Beta 4 for Windows and Linux now.

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