Lotus lives on… (in a Toyota)

Interesting IBM press release on Toyota using IBM technologies to build ‘advanced in-car services’:

ARMONK, N.Y., June 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it has been selected by Toyota Motor Corporation to build and design a new application development platform that will foster the creation of in-car services to improve the driver experience. The project is part of Toyota’s new telematics service, called T-Connect, and aims to accelerate application development and deployment as well as enhance in-car services that will shape the future of connected vehicles.

Toyota and IBM will work together to create an onboard devices and application development environment for Toyota Open Vehicle Architecture. This single development platform will bring together an ecosystem of mobile app developers and content providers that provide content for T-Connect. Using the IBM platform, app developers and content providers will be able to better collaborate on building and designing apps for in-car services.

However, this part intrigued me…

IBM Lotus Expeditor for Automotive is middleware that creates composite applications. It provides client integration tools to deploy and manage composite applications as part of a flexible environment. IBM delivers IBM Lotus Expeditor for Automotive for the open in-car application development and deployment platform with key features including runtime environment and lifecycle management for onboard-device applications, multiple application control, access to vehicle-specific services, user and license management, and more.

Yep, the Lotus brand is still being used on the Expeditor range of products…

I personally had forgotten about Expeditor altogether – remember when this IBM-badged Eclipse development platform was the big news at Lotusphere in 2007 or so? Glad to hear it is being used in some fairly high-profile customer projects!

Are you still developing with Expeditor?

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