PSC announce new “IBM Lotus Symphony Jumpstart” offering

John Head has details of a new Lotus Symphony-focused solution from his company, PSC:

Image:PSC announce new "IBM Lotus Symphony Jumpstart" offering

I am pleased to announce a new PSC solution that provides services for IBM Lotus Symphony. A 2 day services package, the 1st day provides an executive and developer briefing. The 2nd day provides an analysis of how the company is using Lotus Symphony competitors, both for end-users and custom applications and integration, and helps make a case for migration. You can get the PDF about the package here.

If anyone is interested in this offering, please contact me! I think 2008 will be a very interesting year for Lotus Symphony.

(PSC are headquartered in Chicago and have offices in Kansas City and Minneapolis.)

It’s good to see IBM partners really adding value to the Lotus Symphony proposition – it just goes to show that there can be a case for chargeable services around free/open source solutions where there is real expertise and product knowledge involved.

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