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IBM Connections Cloud: Rakin’ in the 💙s

Coming in the next release of IBM Connections Cloud on 22 April 2017:

Now you can put your heart into it when you like something in Connections Cloud. The new heart icon has universally replaced the word “Like” or, in some places, the happy face icon.

ibm connections cloud heartsClick the heart icon 💙 to like a file, blog, status update, or comment.

I ‘like’ this move… 😉

The ‘like’ verb always seemed a little out of place, particularly in the more formal of Connections environments. The new heart icon still indicates the same action, and therefore the same important indication of approval for the content or interaction, but I feel as though it is a better fit with current best-practices in social media terms, as well as the overall context of IBM Connections Cloud communities. Look out for the change in three weeks or so.

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