Going beyond office with Lotus Symphony

I came across this presentation from LCTY Hong Kong this morning, “Going beyond office with Lotus Symphony” delivered by Dr Michael Karasick and Gavin Tay, which articulates why Lotus Symphony has the potential to be so much more than just another productivity suite: LCTY09 – Beyond office with Lotus Symphony One particular slide caught my […]

Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 ODF interoperability is a FAIL!

After all the OOXML wrangling with the ISO standards committees last year, Microsoft has made a big deal of Office 2007 SP2 supporting ODF export/import: The 2007 Microsoft Office system already provides support for 20 different document formats within Microsoft Office Word, Office Excel and Office PowerPoint. With the release of Microsoft Office 2007 Service […]

The Lotus Symphony learning plug-in

One of the primary benefits of IBM using the Eclipse/Expeditor platform for Lotus Symphony (vs. shipping it as a native package for each client OS) is that it allows the use of plug-ins – effectively turning the Symphony UI into a platform for composite applications – try doing that with Microsoft Word 😉 One of […]

Lotus Symphony vs. OpenOffice: “simply more refined”

An interesting article by Galen Gruman on Computerworld, “Opinion: Desktop Linux is ready for the mainstream“, covering why the author feels that Linux is definitely ready for the mainstream: My verdict: Desktop Linux is a great choice for many regular Joes with basic computer needs. And not just on netbooks. In fact, I found that […]

Lotus Symphony wins yet another group test

The Freeline Report takes a look at the latest Freeware word processor solutions available: All of us need a word processor every now and again. It’s a fact of life. Now, when most people hear the words “word processor,” one name immediately comes to mind — Microsoft Word. There’s only one problem with that: Word […]

Symphony – “OpenOffice.org, plus polish.”

There has been so much great press coverage coming out of the MacWorld conference in San Francisco this past week, with particular focus on the IBM announcements of Lotus Notes 8.5 and Symphony 1.2 for the Mac. Here’s my favourite though… Information Week: IBM announced the availability of Lotus Notes 8.5, as well as the […]

Best Desktop Application – wow!

ChannelWeb have announced their “Best Products of 2008“, and guess what they found to be their favourite Desktop Application: Desktop Application WINNER: IBM Lotus Symphony Lotus Symphony acts much like Microsoft Office, which is good if you are looking for something to replace Office at a fraction of the cost (free!). It’s not so good […]

Symphony gets wiki’d

Lotus have been steadily bringing almost all their products up to speed in the Web2.0 online world – we have had forums and infocenters for a number of years of course, but now we have blogs, communities and wikis too. Lotus Symphony is no different, with a Wiki now available (based on a Domino database) […]

Symphony – offering office productivity for a song

A cracking review of Lotus Symphony 1.2 by John Roling in the Intranet Journal: With the release of IBM Lotus Notes 8, IBM took a shot at Microsoft with integrated Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation software. Now, that package of software, known as IBM Lotus Symphony, is available as a stand-alone suite that’s available for […]

Symphony eLearning course for IBM partners

A new course has been made available for IBM partners who wish to skill up in Lotus Symphony: Achieving Business Agility with IBM Lotus Symphony IBM’s Lotus Symphony is a set of office Productivity Applications that gives customers control over upgrade costs and ensures access to documents into the future with open standard file formats. […]

What’s new in Symphony 1.2?

Here’s a list of new features in Lotus Symphony 1.2 (cross-platform): What’s New in Symphony 1.2 Performance enhancements:  * Improved .ods and .xls files loading performance.  * Improved .ods files saving performance. Usability enhancements:  * Enhanced performance optimization options usability by adding Symphony system tray icon.  * Enhanced exported PDF accessibility by adding structural tags […]

Lotus Symphony 1.2 beta for Mac

It’s great that the Mac version of Symphony is now here: IBM Lotus Symphony 1.2 Mac Beta Really? You bet. Lotus Symphony now delivers support for Mac OS X. The wait is over….Lotus Symphony 1.2 delivers beta support for Mac OS X 10.5(Intel). So, what do you get when you combine the standard-bearer for GUI […]

An update on Lotus Symphony for the Mac

A topic close to my heart, Symphony support for the Mac OS X platform. An update from the blog over at the Symphony product site: Undoubtedly, the most frequently asked request in the forum is when is Symphony going to support Mac OS X ? Just search with the keyword “Mac OS X” in the […]

IBM now has 140,000 users on Lotus Symphony

Chris Pepin updates us on IBM’s progress in rolling out the latest Lotus products to their user base: I began the presentation with an overview of IBM, its 385,000 employees world-wide, its open computing strategy including laptops (85% of employees have a laptop), desktop and smartphones.   Next, I discussed Notes and Domino, how it […]

More Lotus Symphony videos hit YouTube

These videos were just uploaded to YouTube this week and will be on IBM TV. They are being promoted via various social networks as well as bookmarking services and video sharing, and I am sure they will be linked via the Lotus Symphony site soon too. A Download Away: You Can Do This: Don’t Look […]


Ed tells us about a new Symphony viral campaign: Lotus Symphony: Crescendo is here to help Here’s a fantastic five minute flash highlighting Lotus Symphony.  Wait — no, it can’t be …. we actually show the product!  And address key concerns and objections decision-makers would have about using Lotus Symphony!  And have fun in the […]

Review: Symphony Sings As Office Clone

Cool review of Lotus Symphony 1.0 over at CRN: Symphony opens, as previously mentioned, into a single window with three icons — to create a document, spreadsheet, or presentation. An existing file can be opened from this main window. Each file is its own tab. The application opened quickly with minimum of fuss. The interface […]

Another positive Lotus Symphony article

This time from IT Channel News, including a quote from John Head: Microsoft Office got a new competitor today: IBM Lotus Symphony, a free desktop applications suite based on the Open Document Format (ODF). IBM Lotus Symphony was previously tied to the Lotus Notes/Domino platform but is now available as standalone desktop applications software. Company […]

ILUG presentation: Lotus Symphony and You

I attended an excellent session at ILUG 2008 yesterday, delivered by John Head, describing many of the reasons why Lotus Symphony is such a compelling option for replacing MS Office.   I am pleased to see that John has already uploaded his slides to SlideShare: Here are my slides from the ILUG2008 presentation I did […]

“Open Document Format (ODF) comes of age”

Wow, that’s quite an opening statement (emphasis mine): IBM Lotus Symphony Turns 1.0 06/03/2008 Open Document Format (ODF) comes of age today as IBM (NYSE: IBM) announces the commercial-grade, general availability of Lotus Symphony (http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony), a suite of free, ODF-based software tools for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This announcement affirms IBM’s commitment […]

eWeek: IBM Writes Symphony to Build Foundations

Good write up of the Lotus Symphony 1.0 release by eWeek: IBM releases Lotus Symphony and Foundations Start in an effort to pry SMB market share from Microsoft’s grasp.IBM’s Lotus Symphony software is ready for prime time, as the company moved the free collaboration suite out of beta and put it in front of the […]

Lotus Symphony “Elite Support” announced

Since Lotus Symphony 1.0 was released last week, IBM now is offering formal support options for the product: IBM Elite Support for IBM Lotus Symphony 1.0 Overview IBM Elite Support for IBM Lotus Symphony 1.0, a support-only offering, delivers remote technical support. You can purchase this optional support via an annual subscription through Passport Advantage […]

Symphony 1.0 press release available

Shame it’s a bit late, but hey, at least some of the news outlets may be aware because of it… ODF Comes of Age: IBM Lotus Symphony Turns 1.0 Nearly One Million Beta Users, 24 Languages, Web 2.0 Extensions, New Technical Support Services for Enterprises ARMONK, NY – 03 Jun 2008: Open Document Format (ODF) […]